Fibre optic technology has changed the world, playing a central role in recent advances in telecommunication, mechanics, and medicine. Today’s modern conveniences wouldn’t exist without optical fibre. The bandwidth is greater, which has been ground-breaking for fibre optic internet. In addition, fibre optics is environmentally friendly, more resilient to external forces, and secure. Besides data transmission, developments in optical sensing are shaping the world


Working with major international vendors and manufacturers in Europe and Asia, Tenovar has access to over 2 million kilometres of fibre cable annually, and with the global shortages the world is facing, this puts Tenovar in a winning advantage giving our customers a peace of mind that they can get hold of the supplies in the shortest time frame.


We cover all the elements required to build your network, from enclosures, cables to connectors and switches.


Our objective is to supply products and systems which are easy to install and easy to manage.


The entire range of products are certified to guarantee the constant quality and performance complying with international cabling standards.