Company Overview

We are a communications company specialising in delivering integrated voice and data solutions. Tenovar provides infrastructure supplies, hardware and software solutions through a range of our own products and those of key strategic partners.

The company is headquartered in Malta with a branch office in Tripoli, Libya which supplies and supports its products and services in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Over the course of the past years, Tenovar has established strategic business partnerships with leading names in the industry. We work closely with them to supply, integrate and maintain voice, data and telecom solutions.

Tenovar is continuously increasing its distributor and reseller programs. We are focusing on becoming a distinct gateway between the continents whilst committing to branding Malta as an ICT hub in the Mediterranean.


Reliable deliverables in IT products and services to customers worldwide.


Add competitive value to our customers through procurement of excellent service, after sales support and a positive, lasting relationship.


Extend our reach within the EU and North Africa whilst continuously increasing our product variety and developing niche markets.