• Telemetry is the process whereby systems inside the bus, such as ticketing system, GEO position of bus in coordination with various display systems and CCTV surveillance are interconnected with the central command centre using wireless data communications. Malta Public Transport (MPT) have appointed the task of installing these systems on the new Otakar buses so as to ensure safety, transparency and accountability.

    The telemetry cabling installation which occurred on the 3rd of July, required Tenovar’s technicians to beat the clock. 40 buses were fit with telemetry within very stringent deadlines. MPT purchased 140 buses with the aim to improve public transportation services.

    Tenovar conducts maintenance 24×7 on buses to ensure they operate with all their features functioning. Understandably, this entails tight, hard-pressed deadlines as MPT cannot afford long servicing hours due to the nature of its operations. Our technicians work efficiently without compromising on security and with the least downtime possible.


    Tenovar entrusted with Telemetry Installations on new Maltese buses