Our experienced network engineers help define the business and technical requirements of your organisation and your clients’


Full IT Solutions


Our systems engineers come with years of experience in this industry. They are fully equipped to provide qualified advice when it comes to your IT setup and can cater to your specific requirements. Our ultimate aim is to make you more efficient. Tenovar can be the single point of contact for all your IT needs.


Managed Services & Support


Tenovar offers managed and data centre services to help your company keep its information safe, secure and accessible



Our technical support team makes use of the latest IT technology and software to continuously provide proactive monitoring and management of your IT network. We can also make invaluable improvements to your IT capabilities by configuring your systems based on best-practice standards.


Managed Services


We keep an eye on your network so you don’t have to. If a glitch is discovered, you benefit from the rapid response services provided by highly  qualified engineers – whenever and wherever you need it. Our aim is to deliver a first-class service which is cost-efficient and a viable alternative to an ‘in house’ IT department.


Network Security


We provide peace of mind with a Unified Threat Management (UTM)  setup, delivering enterprise-class network security with precise firewall filtering. Introduce a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD)  model and remote COMMS (VPN, teleworkers) confidently with the  support of our network security team.


Server Based / Cloud Setup


Make teamwork easy with a transparent, reliable system working for you in the background. This is achievable with enterprise-quality, localised server hardware, a hassle free cloud based setup or a hybrid of both.  Get the best of these technologies for your business.




Tenovar is an approved AVAYA business partner with years of experience in recommending, installing and supporting AVAYA IP Office systems


Avaya offers multiple solutions to improve and facilitate your business communications. Their unified COMMS and Video/Audio Conferencing tools ensure better engagement among your employees while their customer service products help you achieve excellence in customer related services.


Avaya also caters for the users-on-the-go. Employees can work from anywhere at any time, thanks to the mobility tools that Avaya IP Office can provide, thus giving you a holistic and complete business communications system.


Structured Cabling Systems


We offer a full range of structured cabling solutions for networks of any size


Experience in Copper/Fibre


We have extensive experience in installing structured cabling  systems for our clients. We understand that the cabling infrastructure of your network is the foundation that  ensures your business ICT system functions to the best of its abilities.


We employ the latest standards in network infrastructure cabling and follow manufacturers recommendations, installing Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A, Cat7 unshielded and shielded copper cabling, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 multimode and OS1 and OS2 singlemode fibre optic cabling solutions.


Cabling systems are installed into racks from our own reputable suppliers. We encourage the use of cable matting in tray work and the use of cable containment within the cabinets for the protection of cables.  Our installation teams are fully trained to ensure that the quality of the installation meets and exceeds equipment and hardware industry standards. Once the installation is complete, we comprehensively test all the installed links and can provide a manufacturers’ warranty of up to 25 years, if required.


Fibre optic Services


Tenovar has a history of numerous projects spanning across a range of industrial sectors, including telecommunications, manufacturing industry, education, finance and commerce. With a proven capability to deliver successful fibre optic cabling projects, our clients are assured of quality and professional design and installation services.


Whether you need a fibre optic backbone for a data cabling system, fibre to the desk, links between buildings across your campus between floors within a building, or a fibre cabling contractor to deliver a major cabling project, we have the expertise to undertake any project.


Our engineers are equipped with the latest fibre optic splicing and testing equipment and come with all the necessary clearances and training to work in all environments. Our range of fibre optic cabling services include fibre network design, fibre repair, fibre optic testing, termination and fusion splicing and blown fibre technologies, such as fibre to the house.


Open Access Networks


Tenovar has expanded vigorously in the area of implementation of copper and fibre networks. Service Providers, the Public Sector, Mobile Operators, Utilities and Business who require long-haul communication links in various medias have all made use of our expertise in the field


One Stop Shop


Tenovar has developed a unique position in the Maltese market as we are equipped to provide our clients with a one-stop shop. Starting from the design, we then proceed to overseeing the visual inspections, civil and manual works required (such as trenching) build up of manholes, road excavations, laying of cables overhead, underground and in confined spaces, or implementation of ducts and finally, blowing of fibre.


Termination and testing of copper and fibre is also part of our core activities and we have vast experiences in both fibre and copper cutovers, jointing both type of cables from a simple 2 pair up to 1600 pairs.


Mobile and Telecommunication Operators in Malta have seen the benefits of outsourcing such services and through the years, Tenovar has been their main ICT contractor.


Fibre to the home (FTTH)


Today’s growing internet speed is directly proportional to the increasing demand of bandwidth, even at a domestic level. Major Operators have embarked on FTTH rollouts, permitting them to reach every household with a fibre cable, giving their subscribers high speed internet.


We have geared-up and trained our personnel to offer a complete installation of this fibre-optic service. Today Tenovar is equipped to handle all types of civil works, fibre laying, blowing of fibre, termination and testing to ensure a complete package within a relative timeframe.


Fault and Cable Recovery


Tenovar’s philosophy goes beyond installation services: we carry on supporting our clients with the maintenance of their networks. We have dedicated teams focused on copper and fibre fault and cable recovery, from the E-side up to the main cabinet and from the D-side up to the subscriber.


We provide a 24×7 support service to Telecommunication Operators with standby agreements to recover any type of fault which may occur on their network. We also offer regular maintenance services as well as upgrade services to parts of the network which show repetitive faults, increasing the Operators’ clients’ QOS.


Wireless & Free Space Optics


We deliver simple, reliable and efficient wireless connectivity solutions installation and support


Enterprise Wireless


At Tenovar, we deliver wireless solutions that connect with unmatched simplicity and performance. With the support of technologies from our suppliers’ brands, we provide ideal solutions for mobile clients. These solutions promote zero handoff roaming and virtualised networks across multiple access point business premises. Our projects have a wide span of applications including external WiFi services, made to fit any requirement.


Long Range Comms


Within our product profile we offer robust, high performance wireless point-to-point links across distances of up to 100 km. High latency with long range links is a thing of the past. It is now possible to achieve a revolutionary performance of 1Gbps over the 5GHz band not just through the use of recent technologies but also §with a wide variety of deployment scenarios.


Free Space Optics


Such Protocol Transparent technology gives military, federal, service provider and enterprise customers the unique ability to integrate free space optics (FSO) seamlessly and quickly into any existing network infrastructure. Said technology gives advantages of immunity to EM interference, increased security and high bit rates.


CCTV & Security


Robust Security and Surveillance solutions for your rest of mind


Tenovar offers the most advanced surveillance solutions in the world. We work hand-in-hand with our partners in leading Remote CCTV Monitoring software, producing the fastest and most accurate end-to-end CCTV security service.


With our intelligent cameras, we may provide our clients constant vigilant surveillance. Your Remote CCTV monitoring can now uniquely produce close-up video of the incident even before the initial alarm is sent to your remote monitoring service. The incident can then be reported in sufficient detail for it to be dealt with in the most rapid and efficient way possible.


With cutting-edge CCTV technologies, we can provide solutions in various sectors, including Government, Police and Defence. Other Corporate-specific solutions include Safe Cites, Border Security, CCTV Monitoring, Traffic Enforcement, Airport CCTV, Critical Infrastructure Security, Gated Communities and Construction Site Security.


Data Centre Solutions


Tenovar offers a range of physical data centre equipment, which can be deployed in any of your data centre locations


Tenovar offers a complete Data Centre Solution approach. Together with our suppliers and JV partners, we can deliver a finished solution from the initial design stage to the erection and last touches of the building, complete with all the mechanical and electrical needs a Data Centre requires to operate at a 99% uptime.


ADoc Solutions


We work closely with our customers. Therefore we are capable of providing solutions which are not within the core business, such as Queuing, Audio and Telematics solutions


Audio Distribution


Tenovar is active in many IP based solutions. Audio distribution systems  powered by BARIX are another product used to live play, intercom  and page over an IP based network infrastructure. We offer complete  integrated solutions, developed using Barix technology and products.


Queueing Systems


A Queue Ticketing System eases customer flow management and effectively speeds up the working process. Tenovar has experience  with the installation of Queue Management Systems for all types of globally located customers. We have in-depth knowledge of transition, optimization and operation of customer flow within all sectors of organizations.


Telematics Vehicle Systems


Tenovar has a team of telematics technicians within its fold, with expertise on various vehicle tracking systems, providing surveillance, monitoring and analytics in a wide range of vehicle applications.