Covering your mission critical infrastructure hardware, priced better than the competition whilst providing a fully qualified technician onsite within top service level timeframes.


Smartpac is the network infrastructure solution which helps you save on costs and time. When an item in the infrastructure malfunctions, Smartpac is there to assist, providing 24/7 assistance and a direct replacement within a specified amount of time, thus eliminating the prolonged disruption of service. There are some equipment manufacturers who will not service an item because they do not support it anymore. Smartpac offers their exact same service, with the added perk of providing services on the specific model you have.


Smartpac have over 3000 active support contracts covering in excess 30,000 units, in over 20 different countries. They operate a 24×7 Helpdesk – with ticket access via email, telephone or the Smartpac portal. They own their own spares and have spares depots globally to allow for 4hr and/or NBD HW replacement.


The Smartpac Portal lets you view all current, pending, expired or expiring contracts as well as all assets covered by contract number, entitlement (SLA), location or serial number The Portal also enables you to view all open and closed helpdesks (all helpdesks are date and time stamped) and assign contacts to assets by serial, location, contract number, SLA or directly to specific helpdesks.


Benefits of Smartpac:


  • Manage all contracts and raise and monitor helpdesks via an online portal
  • Pro-rate additions to the contract to achieve 1 renewal date
  • Have multiple SLA’s and locations under the same contract
  • Cover new, end of life and refurbished items
  • For the helpdesk engineers if required to escalate faults
  • Priced competitively
  • Have one contract for one network, one number to call for all of your network support needs and one renewal date.