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    Covering your mission critical hardware, at less budget providing an engineer onsite in no time.

    This is Smartpac


    Covering end of life HW, Smartpac is the single number contact you require for all your network infrastructure needs.

    Did you know?

    Some Equipment Manufacturers do not support the entire range of network infrastructure equipment they have sold in recent years. This results in the customer having to face the high costs entailed when changing or upgrading the faulty equipment.

    Imagine one service contract which will not only:

    1. provide a direct replacement within a specified amount of time,
    2. thus eliminating the prolonged disruption of service,

    but will provide a service on equipment that the same manufacturer does not support anymore.


    This is Smartpac. Offering the exact same service as the manufacturers, with all the extra personalisation benefits.

    One Number, One Contract. An unparalleled service on the island, both in terms of price and flexibility.

    Why pay more?
    And that’s not all.

    Other benefits include:

    – Manage all contracts, raise and monitor helpdesks via an online portal
    – Multiple SLAs and locations under the same contract


    Where can I get more Information?
    Simply click on the above link for a full list of Smartpac features and perks.

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