Cabinets, Contained Aisles, Environment Sensors, Power Distribution, UPS Units


Network/Server Cabinets


Our portfolio includes a wide range of Cabinet Solutions to protect network hardware and server investments and provide a safe storage environment. We provide enclosures with top design and high performance, whilst offering a low cost and time saving installation. Cabinets vary from free standing, wall mounted and open racks.


Hot/Cold Aisle containment


We also provide planningand implementation of different cooling design models. Rows of cabinets are placed back to back/front to front according to initial applicationand ducted to the CRAC unit, providing full separation between supply and return air.


Raritan Power Management, Environment Sensors


Our repertoire of products also includes Raritan, a leading provider of power management solutions, DCIM software, and KVM-over-IP for data centres of all sizes. Maximisingon its vast experience in embedded computing expertise, Raritan re-invented the rack PDU, giving it a unique industrial design, whereby the chassis can be colored based on specific data centre’s requirements.


Raritan’s sensors are deployed as plug-and-play options for PX intelligent rack PDUs, EMX rack controllers, PX inline meters and branch circuit monitors eliminating the need for a separate controller. Environment data is instantly sent to Raritan’s DCIM software. A simple web-based interface allows data centre managers to see real-time environment data and report trends over time.


APC Uninterruptable Power Supplies


Another featured product is APC, a provider of power protection products and services including UPS and surge suppressors. APC brought together UPS, management, rack, power distribution and cooling features together in “Infrastructure for small IT”. Such solutions can be used in small datacentres, enterprise branches, IT rooms or Data Closets. APC power supplies are designed with today’s IT realities in mind. Industry technology trends like virtualisation, Unified Communications, and Cloud Computing dictate less but more essential equipment, which need to be catered for.