Video Surveillance


We specialise in surveillance solutions, with vast experience in setups from a simple stand alone camera to a complex and intelligent surveillance system. This ensures we are always a step ahead with regards to all locally targeted security threats.


Presently, we are able to deliver the strongest long term deterrent using the most effective security systems in terms of people and vehicle surveillance. Solving issues with operator surveillance and standalone surveillance camera systems, the best CCTV cameras meet any remote site’s physical security requirements.


Tenovar offers automatic video capturing in large wide areas, securely transmitting and storing footage which is also made available for rapid response and investigations. Our intelligent video analytics automatically detect and confirm incidents, identify, index and re-identify people, faces and vehicles.


Long Range


The Panoramic security camera automatically monitors up to 14 football pitches in size and scope, simultaneously. Our Intelligent Moving Cameras are global pioneers in automatically detecting multiple incidents in all directions at the same time providing a complete 360° panorama of the entire perimeter.


Extreme Long Range


Thermal Security Cameras Automatically are able to encompass the size of 300 football pitches within its surveillance range, in complete darkness. This intelligent camera is the only specimen of its kind, with an incorporated multi-view situation awareness system.


Fisheye CCTV


Utilising a fish eye lens, the Fisheye CCTV provides a 360° view. Running an intelligent Virtual Operator Software (iVOS), a single fish eye lens can cover large areas, both for indoor or outdoor purposes. It features up to a 5 Megapixel video resolution, is Vandal-Resistant and powerful enough to replace numerous standard Surveillance Cameras.


Wireless Surveillance Cameras


Our COFDM Mobile boasts the most advanced, automated PTZ camera in the world. It benefits from proactive operator surveillance and secure wireless surveillance, where machine-to-machine intelligent automation interplays with human vigilance. Intelligent Moving Cameras (IMCs) hold the record of clearing up crime faster than any other camera solution.


Video Analytics


Recent technologies are setting unprecedented standards in efficiency, simplicity, and reliability.Events recorded on screen are automatically recognised, marked on the timeline and different views synchronised to a single moment in time giving an astoundingly detailed insights. It is extremely flexible and scalable, and adapts to your individual requirements while offering vastly expanded basic functionality.


Due to the in-depth video analysis, the long manual analysis of footage becomes obsolete. Much ofwhat used to be additional software is now inclusive. Experience in footage analysis handed down generations, coupled with the power of this analysis software ensures infinite benefits.




Perimeter Security


In today’s global security climate, there is a real need to combat perimeter security threats that can occur to critical infrastructure while simultaneously reducing associated running costs.


The collection of quality Perimeter CCTV footage has often proven futiledue to distance or angle of the incident. Tenovar offers the intelligent monitoring Perimeter CCTV Surveillance cameras as one of their products. This intelligent camera automatically detects concurrent multiple attacks in all directions of a protected area – from a range of 130 metres.


Our solutions can automatically control a PTZ camera to zoom into and confirm the incident, follow up on the required action, capture high quality close-up evidence of any intruders(s) – all this before the alarm is raised. An automatically generated report for rapid response follows suit.


Additionally, we can implement a Radio Frequency Intruder Detection system, offering complete protection in places where uninvited trespasses need to be discouraged. It is discreet; an ideal solution for “proximity detection”, triggered when an intruder walks unknowingly into its invisible field.


The strategically placed transmitters and receivers will cover the vulnerable area with a blanket of radio frequency field whose characteristics are monitored by an analyser acting appropriately according to readings.


Tenovar also offers an all-digital, online, ground-based radar that detects intrusions in real time and then automatically provides actionable information, mobile alerts, and integrated live video to owner and/or operators – all via a single interface.